Owner Jeff McConnell has been a contractor for the past 32 years. His ability to create unique and exquisite design comes from his passion of the art of construction. Owner’s wife Laura McConnell had a career as a nurse for 26 years. With a dual masters and a love to help others her career expanded from ICU, ER, OR, and management. After back surgery Laura’s passion for nursing had come to an end. Living 5 minutes from the lake, the couple had walked it many times. Laura presented her vision to transform the lodge into a general store and wedding venue to her husband. After much persistence and “nagging”, Jeff decided to entertain the idea. With much determination, hard work, and a big dream their idea became a reality. Jeff and Laura transformed the Lodge into a spectacular elegant wedding venue overlooking the lake. The location also hosts a general store to serve the community with groceries, freshly made breakfast and lunch sandwiches, along with the sale of alcohol package goods.


To book your tour of the Lodge at Mountain Lake or if you have any questions call Laura at 201-874-3147 or complete the contact form here.